Un voyage dans le temps...

Dans le style de l'époque,
March Mallow fait revivre la musique des années 50 et pour ce premier projet autour de Nat King Cole et Billie Holiday.


L'ambiance est satinée et le son est au plus proche.
March Mallow nous plongent dans l'atmosphère jazzy des caveaux New Yorkais.


Astrid Veigne au chant
Eric Doboka à la guitare
Christian D'Asfeld au piano

Thomas Plès à la contrebasse

Pour les amoureux des années 50,
Ladies & Gentleman,
welcome to MARCH MALLOW!!

March Mallow immerses us in one of the most creative periods in the aesthetic story of that American jazz, that of the 1950s.


These years when the USA introduced Europe in redevelopment, jeans and the American way of life and eternal recordings of the greatest artists of jazz music.

To begin their musical story March Mallow chose to pay tribute to two of the prominent vocalists of that time, two of the greatest figures that jazz has known both for the popularity and quality of their work
and for their artistic or civic commitments in the civil rights movement in the United States, Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday.

On stage, the atmosphere is satiny, the sound is as close as possible, the sincere trio brings to life the excitement of the New York concerts at the beginning of Birdland in Manhattan and the Apollo Theater in Harlem.  

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